A 十大信誉网堵首页 education readies students for future study at top universities, with a well-balanced and rigorous academic curriculum and graduation requirements that exceed the minimum University of California standards. Our program leads students on a four-year journey through the humanities, 科学, and the arts while focusing on the Great Conversation of the Western tradition, 运用探究和修辞的工具. 它还能培养学生的分析能力, 解决问题, 创业, 和技术技能, preparing him or her for a vital role in the 21st Century economy. 十大信誉网堵首页 is committed to promoting and encouraging an authentic joy of learning helping students develop a vision for the future and the 勇气 to enact that vision. 

“真正的教育是与真理的相遇, 美, and goodness that requires students to question constantly, 思考, 为自己的想法辩护. It is the recognition that your questions have been asked before and that your voice is joining the Great Conversation not as a mere echo but as a distinct note in the symphony of human experience.”  ——史考特·科莫,历史系系主任



1. 与老师无与伦比的个人联系

太平洋教工精于教学艺术, 各自领域的专家, 在信仰上成熟, 并且对教育青少年充满热情. This is a recipe for a loving, thriving environment of learning. Learn what sets our teachers apart >

2. 学习范式中的休闲

The leisure in learning model provides time and space for students to 思考, 强调更高层次的观察, 深入分析, 以及清晰的思想表达. 十大信誉网堵首页的学生在学术氛围中学得最好 斯科拉 (休闲)而不是 negotium (商业),激发想象力和知识产权.

3. 四年制大学预备课程

学生被赋予分析能力, 沟通, 解决问题, 以及在大学里茁壮成长的组织工具. They develop grit, hone their relational skills, and grow in faith and virtue. 从大一到大四, the college office guides students through the process giving students the essential information necessary to craft a competitive college profile. Learn about our college counseling department >

4. 学术选择的广度

十大信誉网堵首页’s course options are vast and feature deep tracks in history, 英语, 科学, 和工程, with thirteen AP courses and nine courses at the honors level. Learn about our AP and 荣誉 offerings >

5. 四个签名程序的深度

Students can choose to go beyond the core liberal arts requirements and enrich their interests in four areas of in-depth study: PACARTS, 阀杆, 业务, 和哲学 & 神学. Learn more about our 签名计划 >





The following student outcomes guide and inform all that we do at 十大信誉网堵首页. 我们的目标是提供便利, 培养, and en勇气 each of these characteristics in our students throughout their time here and to make their high school journey one of purpose, 意义, 有意增长. We believe these qualities will serve our students well in every area of their lives no matter what path they take after high school. 


Academic professionals take ownership of their academic development that is manifested in their speech, 态度, 准备, 以及学术活动的执行. They adapt to new circumstances, are self-motivated and produce quality work. Academic professionals are hospitable to the ideas of others seeking to engage, 倾听和理解,而不是驳斥或攻击.


Excellent scholars display critical thinking across academic disciplines, have completed a rigorous four-year college preparatory curriculum, 面对严峻和意想不到的挑战,坚持不懈, and create time to reflect on and internalize what they have they have learned so that learning will have a transformative impact on their lives.


Effective communicators will speak and write with clarity, purpose, authenticity and civility. 他们言行一致, thus promoting authenticity and not merely style or polish. They are able to interconnect with others in a variety of ways while retaining their authentic voice and perspective. They will learn to confidently express their thoughts and opinions in their writing and speech. They will communicate with respect toward others and themselves. Students will also traffic in a multitude of technological platforms rife for creative expression with a consistent focus on what is an appropriate balance between the private and the public. The variety of 沟通 will enhance their traditional academic pursuits, 激发有效解决问题的能力, 培养创意.


快乐的学习者找到快乐, 不仅体现在他们的学术成果上, 但在学习的过程中也是如此. Scholarship is recognized as both an end in itself and a means to a deeper understanding of the individual, 他们在这个世界上的目的和世界本身. 快乐的学习者有自知之明. 他们知道自己的长处, 增长领域, 礼物, abilities and the relationship of those 礼物 and 增长领域 to God and the community. Because they are self-aware, they graduate with a sense of direction, 意义 and purpose.

善良勇敢的人 & 女性

Virtuous and 勇气ous men and women hold themselves to high moral standards, 追求美好的事物, 美丽的, 和真正的. They grow in their own Christian faith or in the understanding of Christian faith taking on the virtues of prudence, 正义, 节制, 勇气, 诚实, 希望与爱. They exercise the moral 勇气 necessary to live boldly with 意义 and purpose impacting their own lives and the lives of others.


学生们学会在自己的生活中重视社区. They seek to build authentic relationships, seeking their own good as well as the good of others. They understand the value of positive critique and creative opposition in their own lives and lives of others. 学生具有全球意识, 了解重要的经济, 政治, 宗教, 以及影响他们生活的社会力量.


A student graduates with direction when he or she proactively approaches the post-high school transition by making intentional decisions to strategically reach realistic and informed professional, 个人, 存在主义目标. A student who graduates with direction will likely conceptualize graduation as a transition to somewhere not from somewhere.