We acknowledge that not everyone in our society has been afforded the same opportunities. 理解这个现实, 十大信誉网堵首页’s mission is to be a school composed of students from all neighborhoods. At its inception, 十大信誉网堵首页 was founded on the strength of a broad and diverse school community. Our desire is to provide a high-quality education to a wide range of students, 反映了上帝国度的美丽和多样性. We believe such education is good for all and opens up opportunities for many that have not traditionally been able to take part in private education.

应对碎片化世界的诸多挑战, 太平洋共同体寻求加强我们共同拥有的纽带. Acknowledging and celebrating differences is an essential part of that approach. We recognize the conversation about differences has not always been easy—not for our world, 不适合我们的国家, 而不是为了我们的太平洋社区. We also know that God has made each of us different and unique; He made us that way in His image. So here at 十大信誉网堵首页, we understand that to love someone who looks different is truly to love God.

我们寻求积极的爱, 欣赏, and understand the unique contributions of each individual that makes up our community in the world around us as Christ would have us do. While we strive for God’s perfect kingdom here on Earth, we are human, and we will stumble. It is God’s example of love through the sacrifice of His Son that will be our guide, so we will not walk away from a conversation that is hard but will instead come together as a family to uplift and seek to understand one another. We are a better community when we engage and understand differences among us. 我们致力于学生项目的多样性, 父项目, 招生, 以及招聘实践.

自2005年成立以来, 十大信誉网堵首页 has been committed to being a school composed of students from all neighborhoods. 这种承诺造就了一个多元化的学生群体, 十大信誉网堵首页由不同宗教的学生组成, 社会经济, 学术, 还有种族背景. 百分之五十的学生获得经济援助, half of our students come from religious homes and half from secular homes, and each year students of color comprise fifty percent of our student body. 虽然这种折衷主义也有其挑战, the growth through empathy and shared experiences is what we believe God intends for 十大信誉网堵首页. We remain committed not only to be a school from all neighborhoods but to better serve and love our students fairly and equitably each day of their high school lives.  


十大信誉网堵首页 seeks the formation of students made in the image of God for the purpose of God’s glory, 他们自己的快乐, 也为别人好. No one expects perfection, yet it is something that we should long for. The process isn’t easy; in fact, it is often painful. 但这是必要的.

这个标准是在最大的诫命中表达出来的. 在马太福音22:37-40,耶稣说, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 这是最大的第一条诫命. 还有第二句话,就是要爱人如己. 这两条诫命是一切律法和先知的总纲.”

如果你沿着太平洋银行的走廊走下去, 你会看到马太福音22:37-40刻在储物柜上方. 这些经文是基础的. Our mission and vision statements are wrapped in them; they are part of the very DNA of who we are and why we do what we do. These verses are not optional—they are commands holding us to the highest standards. They also give us a lens for why diversity is so important for 十大信誉网堵首页. The work of diversity is part of the formation process as it allows us to love and serve more fully.  


当我们每天走进校门,走进拥挤的走廊, 学术追求, 体育竞赛, 随意的谈话, 和更多的, 我们不仅仅是在吸引另一个学生, 一个老师, 或者父母. We are interacting with those who are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). 我们的身份和人格建立在这个现实之上. Each one has a soul, each one is eternal, and each one is valuable in the sight of God. We are called to see others as God sees them—as image-bearers—not just as Ava, Henry, or Rachael. 我们不是简单地利用某人的DNA, 平均绩点, 成就清单, 故障列表, 或人格,而是上帝的形象. As such, the highest standard of care must be taken in our interactions with each other. Since God displayed His care for His creation in that He emptied Himself, 变成了人, 为了我们的得救和改变,他在十字架上舍命, 我们被期望以他的榜样来对待他人. 腓立比书2:3-8为我们描绘了一幅图画:

什么都不做,出于自私的野心或虚荣的自负. 而, 谦卑地看别人比自己重要, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, 在本质上是上帝, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, 他以仆人的本性使自己一无所有, 像人一样被造的. 被人发现,外表像个男人, 他谦卑自己,顺服至死,甚至死在十字架上!

It is clear we are not called to simply value others but to value others above ourselves. 这只能在上帝的帮助下完成. At 十大信誉网堵首页, Matthew 22, Genesis 1:27, and Philippians 2 serve as our lens and inform our actions. 每个人都包括在内,所有人都是受欢迎的,所有人都是有价值的. 我们要像上帝那样去爱.


Scripture is clear—as Christians, we are all part of God’s family, His kingdom. 这是一份珍贵的礼物. It is the singular work of the cross that transforms and guides our lives. It is at the cross that we find meaning, purpose, and our common identity. 正是这个现实把我们团结在一起,使我们成为一体. 基督呼召我们每一个人认同他在十字架上的工作. 这是我们的出发点和基础.

The foundational truth of our unity in Christ is integrated with the truth of our diversity. 我们每个人都是上帝的家庭成员,都是独一无二的. 我们都不一样. 这些差异是上帝计划的一部分. Revelation 5:9 tells us that every tribe, tongue, and nation will worship God together. 因为上帝的家庭是由所有国家组成的, 我们被召唤去认识和庆祝这种美.


We must hold our common identity as image-bearers valued by God together with our uniqueness at creation. It is this integration that makes the most of each person at 十大信誉网堵首页 and causes the community to flourish. 这两个事实是不能分开的. When they are, each of us, as well as our community, cease to function in the way God intended. 

追求统一而忽视多样性是错误的. 这就像说我们爱上帝,却不爱我们的邻居. It is also a mistake to pursue diversity while ignoring the central fact of our unity. Scripture is clear about the problems that come from relying on our own distinctiveness. 这就好比说我们爱邻居,却不爱上帝. 我们的使命更高. God has given us a vision that holds unity and diversity together and allows for each of us to flourish together. 他树立了看待和对待他人的最高标准. 这正是我们所追求的标准. 正是从这里开始,太平洋追求多样性.